Civil War soldier

Family.JamesBlack 001

My Irish-born 2nd great grandfather, James Black (1823-1901) was already 39-years-old and a father of eight children when he enlisted in the Union Army on September 4, 1862 in Washington, CT.  His younger brothers William and Gustavus also enlisted.


James Black was a private in Company D of the Connecticut 28th Infantry Regiment


James Black mustered in on November 15, 1862 in New Haven.  Along with several other men from Washington, CT, he served in Company D of the 28th Connecticut Regiment.    On June 14, 1863, Black was wounded in action at the siege of Port Hudson in Louisiana.



James Black’s Pension Card

He survived to return to Connecticut, and farmed for nearly 40 more years.


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2 Responses to Civil War soldier

  1. vahughes17 says:

    love this. do you know what the medalion on his vest is for?

  2. Well, I just found out! It’s a Grand Army of the Republic membership badge. This was a fraternal organization of Union army veterans. I know that James’ brother Gustavus was also a proud member of the Grand Army of the Republic and went to meetings.

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