Farm for Sale

Redding cattle farmer Aaron Treadwell (1828-1896)

After the death of my great great grandfather Aaron Treadwell on Jan. 8, 1896 at the age of 67, the following notice appeared in the Newtown Bee on March 6:

“FARM FOR SALE- The farm of the late Aaron Treadwell consisting of 125 acres of good and productive land; large house and convenient barns and other outbuildings, 1 1/2 miles north of Redding Center, very near to Putnam Park. Good markets in Bethel and Danbury. About 80 acres meadow, producing good crops of hay. This farm is considered one of the best in town. For sale with the above if desired or separate; 135 acres pasture land known as the Jarvis farm, lying about one mile from homestead; also 92 acres of woodland east of Couch Hill, adjacent to the Newtown road, 16 acres woodland near the residence of Theron E. Platt. This is an opportunity to get a very desireable home at a reasonable price.”

Newtown Bee, March 6, 1896, p. 1.
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