family historian


What a pleasure to be able to connect with someone who has first-hand knowledge of family history. One such person is Virginia (Ginny) Black Dietz, who spent  her life on Northfield Road in Watertown CT. The daughter of Raymond and Hazel Black, who took over Elnathan Black’s Birch Farm, she spent her early years in the Brick House.

Later, after she married and had a family, she and her husband, George Dietz, built their own house (with a tennis court) across the driveway. Ginny and George were regular visitors to the Gould’s on Monte Vista Avenue in Ridgewood, enjoying croquet games, picnics on the back porch, formal meals in the dining room.  I recently connected with Ginny and she took the time to write me letters, send photographs, and sit down over cookies in her living room, as I asked endless questions and she recalled memories of Grandma Black and other family. I treasured her warmth, sharp memory, and good heart.


Doris Gould Malaspina, Ann Malaspina, Virginia (Ginny) Dietz (Watertown CT, 2014)

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