92 Monte Vista

mama'shouse 001

In June 2015, I spotted an ad for the sale of 97 Heights Road in Ridgewood NJ.  This is the same house lot as 92 Monte Vista, owned by Mabel and J.H. Gould. After Mabel Gould’s death in 1994, the house was sold and subsequently mostly torn down and rebuilt.  The new house has only vague similarities to the original house designed and built by Mabel and J.H. Gould on a double empty lot in 194o’s.  Perhaps one of the pine trees in the back yard, planted by J.H. Gould, was left standing.  Maybe some of the sandstones on the side of the house remained.  Whatever!  The house in 2015 was on the market for a whopping $2,998,000, one of the highest prices in Ridgewood.  It now includes a pool (where Mama played croquet and Baba planted corn and raspberries) and pool house (there used to be a red woodshed).   Rob has been in the new house — and said it is unrecognizable.  High ceilings, a pool table room, a fancy kitchen.  (Remember Mama’s blue linoleum floor?)

I plan to do more research on the house’s history for a future posting.

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