Brother and Sister

Family.John E. Brewster

John E. Brewster and Jane Esther Black Brewster, Evergreen Cemetery, Watertown CT

I was curious to find out more about two people with the last name Brewster who married into the Black family of Washington and Watertown, CT.  John E. Brewster (1841-1878) married Jane Esther Black (1845-1929),  and Sarah Elizabeth Brewster (1847-1925) married Gustavus H. Black (1840-1926).  Gustavus was Jane’s uncle, but they were similar ages. Jane’s father James Black was 20 years older than Gustavus, his brother.

It took a lot of digging, but I discovered the two were siblings. The Brewster family was from New York state, and lived in Orange County by the late 1800s.

Sarah E. Brewster married Gustavus H. Black on Sept. 5, 1865.  I have not found how they might have met, since Gustavus had been in the war, then returned to Washington CT. In his later letters, he said he was intending to marry a girl from New York as early as during the Civil War.

Sarah must have introduced her brother John to Jane (“Jenny”) Black.  John and Jenny married in 1871.

John Brewster had served in the Union Army from Middletown, Orange County, NY.  He was a private in the 18th New York Infantry Regiment, Company H.  John and Jane married after the war. In the 1875 New York Census, John and Jane Brewster lived in Deerpark, Orange County, New York, where they had a son Charles  (1874-1946).  John was a brakeman on the railroad. Some of his brothers also worked on the railroad.

John Brewster died in 1878. By 1880, Jane Black Brewster had returned to Watertown CT with her son Charles.  She is listed as a widow and a dressmaker on the U.S. Census of 1880. John and Jane Brewster, along with their Charles’s son Everett Lord Brewster (1900-1918), are buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Watertown CT.

Gustuvas and Sarah settled first in Cornwall and later in Middletown. In the 1880s, they went out to the Dakota Territories but returned to Middletown in the 1890s. In one of Gustavus’s letters in 1914, he mentioned that “Jennie and Isadore correspond regularly. So that keeps us in touch. By the way Jennie’s daughter in law is quite rich…”   

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