first university for women

Family.George and Lina Gould outside 720 Avenue C.from Doris

I had always suspected that my great-grandmother, Selina Elida Treadwell Gould, had gone to college.  And the other day, I finally found her listed as a student.  She was a member of the class of 1871 at Ingham University in LeRoy, New York.   The university was founded by two sisters in 1837 and stayed open until 1891. It was the first university for women in the United States.Family.LinaTreadwell.InghamUniversity


Ingham University, LeRoy, NY

Family.LinaTreadwell.InghamUniversityLina, as she was known, grew up on a cattle farm in Redding, CT.  She married George H. Gould, who also lived in Redding, and they moved to Bayonne, NJ, where he worked for a bank in Jersey City. Lina raised six children, all of whom graduated from college. She was active in the Whittier Circle, a literary society, at the First Methodist Church near her home on Avenue C. in Bayonne.  On November 20, 1899, she read short selections about Paris to the group.

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