Two Sisters

I have come across several cases of intertwining families in our Connecticut family vines. Generation after generation lived in towns such as Watertown, Middletown, Fairfield and Redding, and through the generations they intermarried (if that’s the right term).   Today I discovered that two sisters, Hannah Frost (1644 to 1697) and Rachel Frost (1642 to 1717),  are both my  8th great grandmothers.

Hannah’s and Rachel’s father, the English immigrant Daniel Frost (1613-1682), was an early settler in Fairfield.  I will devote a long post to Daniel Frost when I’ve gathered more information.  Just a hint: he owned coastal property near Burying Hill Beach, where my family often had picnics and swam when we lived in Westport — which now seems like an eerie coincidence. Family.Frost Point The descendants of Hannah and Rachel, who grew up in their house at Frost Point on Long Island Sound, wound up marrying into the Burr family at different times.  Finally, my great great grandfather Daniel Banks Gould (1818-1858) of Bridgeport married Julia Burr (1821-1907) of Redding, the two sisters’ direct descendant.

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