Ahead of her time

Bridgeport High School

Bridgeport High School

A Ph.D. in 1886!  Ada Josephine Todd (1858-1904), a niece of Julia (Burr) Gould, my second great grandmother, received a BA and MA in Greek from Syracuse University in 1883,  and a Ph.D. in Language and Literature from Boston University in 1886. She went on to teach at several schools. She was a Greek and Chemistry teacher at the public high school in Bridgeport CT from 1883-93.  At one time she held a fellowship in Sanskrit and Philology at the University of Pennsylvania! She also published books, poems, and articles including this one, “How to Use Newspapers in the Schools. She died in Puerto Rico at the age of 46 while employed by the government. Still looking for more details!

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One Response to Ahead of her time

  1. vahughes17 says:

    I didn’t know PhDs existed at that time…much less for women. What a pioneer she was. Do you know how many other women got Phds at that time from BU? just curious. Great find!

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