Battle of Fort Ticonderoga 1758

Battle of Fort Ticonderoga, July 1758.

My sixth great grandfather David Hungerford died July 22, 1758 while a soldier in the French and Indian War   He was 48 yrs old. He was born in 1710 in East Haddam CT and settled in Watertown. The long war (7 yrs)  was a power grab between the British and colonists, and the French who  enlisted Native Americans as allies. A major battle occurred at Ft. Ticonderoga on Lake Champlain in early July.  Weeks later, Hungerford died in the camp at nearby Lake George, from injury or illness.  His son David, the sister of my fifth great grandmother, also died at war after being taken prisoner by the British during the Revolutionary War. He died Jan. 20, 1777.  Interesting that one fought for the British, and the other fought against them. There is a Hungerford Avenue in Watertown.

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  1. vahughes17 says:

    They died so young…so brave. (I was confused for a moment…David is the “brother” of your 5th gr grandmother..yes?)

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