Six Coats, Ten Blankets, One Kettle…

Family.PeterPrudden.FirstsermoninNewHavenColonyThis marker in Milford, CT, commemorates the Rev. Peter Prudden’s first sermon preached in New Haven Colony in the afternoon of April 18, 1638: “The voice of one crying in the wilderness, prepare ye the way of the Lord make his pathes straight.” Prudden (1601-1656) was born in Herfordshire, England and died in Milford, CT.  Prudden attended the Merchant Tailor’s School in London and graduated from Emmanuel College, Cambridge in 1620.  A minister, when he emigrated in 1637, a “flock” of followers came with him.  He was a founder of New Haven and his name is on the original New Haven map. With others, he purchased land that is now Milford, CT, from Ansantawae, the Paugusset sachem, who sold the land to the settlers on Feb. 12, 1639. The price was six coats, ten blankets, one kettle, twelve hatchets, twelve hoes, two dozen knives, and a dozen small mirrors. The original name of the area, Wepawog,  was soon changed to Milford, because a stream afforded facilities for a mill. The Milford Church Covenant, drafted by Peter Prudden, may still be read in his fine and legible handwriting in the Milford Church Records. He is my ninth great grandfather.

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