Aaron Treadwell, Professor of Biology, Vassar

Aaron Treadwell, with great resemblance to my great uncle Aaron Gould, his nephew

Aaron Treadwell, born 1866
My second great uncle Aaron Louis Treadwell (1866-1846 ), son of Aaron Treadwell, was a leading expert on sea worms, or annelids. He traveled to Samoa, Fiji and the West Indies to collect samples for the Carnegie Foundation and the New York Zoological Society.  Treadwell was the Giraud Professor of Biology and curated the Vassar Museum of Natural History at Vassar College.  While a professor, he taught evolution, which went against school policy at the time.

Treadwell grew up on his family’s farm in Redding, CT. He  graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Wesleyan College in 1888 and received an M.S. in 1890. He earned a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago in 1898. Treadwell was also a member of the staff of instructors at the Marine Biological Lab at Woods Hole, Cape Cod, from 1898.  He was the author of many books and articles.  In 1921, he was the vice-president of the New York Zoological Society.

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