Avery Point Light


Captain James Avery Monument, Groton CT

AveryPointLightAvery Point Light in Groton, CT, is named for Captain James Avery, my ninth great grandfather, who was born in 1620 in Salisbury, England, and died in 1700. He came to America with his father, and lived at Gloucester for several years. The Rev. Mr. Blinman, the minister of Gloucester, was made minister of the Pequot Plantation in what is now CT. A party of his friends proposed to move with him, and came on to make preparatory arrangements, October 19, 1650. James Avery went back to Gloucester, sold his possession there to his father, and in 1651 returned to New London.  Capt. James acquired large tracts of land at what is now Poquonoc Bridge, Groton, east of New London. About 1636 he build the hive of the Avery’s at the head of Poquonoc Plain, a mile and a half from the river Thames. In 1684, the first church of New London, was sold to Capt. Avery for six pounds, with the condition that he should remove it in one month’s time. The church was taken down, its materials carried across the river, and added to the house he had built at Poquonoc. it was occupied until July 21, 1894, when a spark from a passing locomotive ignited its frame.  Only its chimney remained. A few years later the chimney was taken down, the grounds graded, and a monument was erected by the descendants of James Avery. He was ensign, lieutenant and captain of the New London companies and served throughout King Philip’s War. He was in command of forty Native Americans from Stonington, New London and Lyme. In 1676 he was captain of one of the four companies which protected the frontier, and for twenty-three years an officer of the town, and twelve times deputy to the General court, 1656-80; also assisting judge in the Prerogative Court, and prominent in the church.

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